Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chicken 65 Recipe

This famous dish goes great with rice and sambar. Also a favorite companion on drink parties. To reduce heat in the recipe just substitute half of chili powder with shimla mirch powder.

2 lbs. Chicken(boneless, skinless thighs)
2 tsps. Corn Flour
2 tsps. All Purpose Flour
1 no. Egg
1½ tsps. Ginger(paste)
1½ tsps. Garlic(paste)
2 tsps. Red Chilies(powder)
12 nos. Green Chilies
2 cups Yoghurt
1 tsp. All spice powder(cloves, cinnamon, cardamom)
4 drops Food Color(Red)
Onion for garnishing
3 tsps. Lime juice
Salt to taste
Vegetable Oil for frying

Directions :
Mix corn flour, all purpose flour, egg, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder and salt to thick batter. Add water if required.
Add chicken pieces to the batter and marinate for an hour.
Deep fry the marinated chicken pieces till they turn golden.
Heat 4 tsp oil in a sauce pan and add slit chillies, yogurt, garam masala, red color, little salt and the fried chicken pieces.
Fry for 4-5 minutes and remove from heat.
Add lime juice, mix well and garnish with onions.

Chicken 65- indian food


  1. My cousin and I love Asian cuisine so much that we decided to: get a tiny rest house next to the best Indian restaurant in Perth, buy seven hard-bound Asian recipe books, constantly visit our close friend who makes Korean food and... bookmark this blog so we can follow the recipe. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I've tasted a similar dish in a pan Asian restaurant in London. I wanted to get a taste of it so bad that I really searched for the recipe, and found this! Thanks for posting. I didn't want to 'reduce heat' so I added the whole 2tsps chili powder.

    - Justin Leo